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NO.1-5 Chenfeng Road ,Menghe Town ,Xinbei District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China



Fits 2001-2005 LEXUS IS300 Glossy Black JDM Diamond Front Grill Hood Mesh Grille


Changzhou WENQI Vehicle Accessories Factory is specialized in producing auto fog lamps, motorcycle lights and motorcycle accessories. We can develop new products, design models and manufacture accessories by ourselves. We have obtained the 3C and ISO9001:2000 certificate. Our factory locates at the beautiful and fertile “Gold dltaic” area- Xinbei Distric, menghe Industrial Garden , Changzhou City , Jiangsu Province. Here is 30km away from Changzhou ; 10km,Changzhou Civli Airport;8km, the crossing of the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressing. In a word, the communication is convenient and the geographic position is very superior.

Product Features:

Badgeless JDM Diamond VIP Style 3D Hondcomb Mesh Grill,Painted Glossy Black Finished With Diamond Style Mesh 
Improve Your Car's VIP Sporty Appearance With This Set of Sport Mesh Style Grill,A great upgrade for your vehicle,Improve safety during driving。
Made of high quality ABS plastic ,At the same time to withstand the most rigorous weather conditions.
Grille is a direct fitment. Uses the cars existing bolts to install.
Easy to install, no modification needed ( direct replacement )

Product Details:
Fitment:2001-2005 IS300 Base Sedan 4-Door               

Material: ABS Plastic Durable Anti-corrosion
                2001-2005 IS300 Sportcross Wagon 4-Door       
Surface Finish:Painted Glossy Black Finish                    

Package includ:a mesh grille                                           

Return:30 days Hassle free return 


Warranty:60 days

This product recommends professional installation.
Any damage during installation will not be refunded

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